Cool, crunchy, sweet/salty. Piled on a pork sandwich, or as a side, I just love my coleslaw. Any meal is better with a side of coleslaw. It’s cheap and it’s quick – the perfect Keto side dish.

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Of course, you can purchase shredded cabbage in the grocery store, checking ingredients to ensure they haven’t added something extra.  I like to use fresh green crisp cabbage, and if I get sassy, I’ll throw a 1/4 of a purple cabbage in with it for color.  I cut my cabbage in big pieces.  I like 1/4 inch wide and a couple inches long for my coleslaw. I don’t want it to get soggy. I like the crunch.


Split your cabbage into quarters and break the leaves apart a bit and soak in a bowl of water to clean it and crisp it up a bit.  Sometimes I soak it overnight and then cut for slaw in the morning.


  • Get your best chopping knife, and a good cutting board and cut those cabbages up in the bite sizes that you prefer for your slaw.  I like to cut mine in bigger pieces so that the day after this is served and the cabbage has soaked in that mayo mixture overnight, and all those juices mixed together, well, I don’t want it to be soggy.  Bigger pieces keep their crunch longer.
  • Also, you should note here, that this slaw is really better after it has set in the refrigerator a day.  It’s really good fresh made, but after it sets, it just has a little something special added to it.  Leftovers are wonderful.
  • After cabbage is all cut up in into a large mixing bowl.  It won’t matter if the bowl is full to the top, it will condense down as the mayo mixes in.
  • Add mayo and stir stir stir.   I usually use a wooden spoon, but momma’s big slotted spoon works just as good.  It will take a couple of minutes to get the cabbage evenly coated with mayo, but give it time, it’ll come together.
  • Sprinkle the sweetener in sparingly, and stir some more.
  • Add salt and pepper and taste again.  (Don’t use your stirring spoon, the flavors are stronger there)
  • I like to add about a tablespoon of grated or shredded carrots into the mixture for color.  (if you prefer, you can leave them out)
  • If you need a touch more sweetener, do it now.
  • Get your spatula and clean off all the extra mayo off the sides of the bowl.
  • Slaw probably condensed in the bowl to about 2/3 of what you started with by stirring in the mayo.
  • Now the slaw is ready to serve, and it’ll be wonderful.

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