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GG’s KETO Crock-Pot Beef Steak and Broccoli | Keto Recipes for Beginners
Who doesn’t love a crock-pot meal.  Throw it together and on with my day.  I used a small 3 quart to make this dish.  It’s a one pan meal.  This dish will give your taste buds something to dance about.  Rich flavor and filling.



    1. Add meat, broth, garlic, ginger, aminos, sweetener, oil and pepper flakes into crock pot.
    2. Cook on low for about 3 hours.
    3. Remove meat mixture and leave liquid in a pot.
    4. Sprinkle in xanthan gum and stir to thicken.
    5. Return meat mixture to pot.
    6. Add broccoli florets and stir a bit, now cook on low for 30 more minutes.
    7. Serve over Cauliflower rice.
    8. Sprinkle a few sesame seeds on top for garnish.