I remember as a child when our family would go out for breakfast, the one thing that I would get excited over was the pancakes the size of a silver dollar.  Re-live the experience.  This recipe is easy and will bring SMILES to your face.



  • Sift the dry ingredients together in a bowl and whisk to get rid of any lumps.
  • Combine all wet ingredients in a bowl and with your electric mixer and mix thoroughly until you have smooth consistency.
  • Add dry ingredients and mix until all is smooth.  Batter should look like pancake batter, and if it’s a little too thick, add just a little more milk until consistency is just right.
  • In a frying pan and add the butter or oil.  Heat pan to medium heat.
  • Now for the fun part.
  • Scoop 1 heaping tbsp of batter per pancake and place batter in the frying pan.  You will be able to cook as many pancakes as your pan will hold at one time.  Lay a lid over the top of the skillet and allow the pancakes to cook for a couple of minutes, checking on them to watch for the bubbles.
  • Pancakes will form little bubbles throughout the entire circle.  When the bubbles are throughout, and they pop, it is time to carefully turn the pancake over and cook the other side.  Don’t smash the pancake with your spatula.  It will make them tough.
  • Remove the cooked pancakes from the heat and now they are ready to serve.
  • My favorite syrup is the Lakanto Sugar Free Maple Syrup and available to you on Amazon at a special price.  My wife loves to combine cream cheese and a small handful of blueberries microwaved together to make a creamy blueberry spread.
  • Enjoy and bring on the smiles.