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GG’s Quick and Easy Ranch Salad Dressing | Keto Recipes for Beginners

This is a full flavored recipe but only takes minutes to put together.  Get out your immersion blender, this is too good to miss.


  1. Blend everything except the dried spices with an immersion blender a wide mouth mason jar (or equivalent) for approximately one minute!
  2. After you have a creamy texture, add dried seasonings.  Store in the fridge up to one week.
  3. Start with the immersion blender at the bottom of your jar working your way up to the top, don’t start moving your blender upwards until you see it thickening up.
  4. If you want a dip like consistency use only the solid cream, but for those that like a runnier dressing use more liquid.  Dressing will thicken up some after being chilled.
  5. Make sure you’re using an immersion blender for guaranteed success, a regular blender will make it tricky to emulsify it all correctly.

NOTE….if your ranch doesn’t thickens it probably didn’t emulsifying properly, just add another egg!   Easy to quickly save all those ingredients!